Thailand Rice

Production in Thailand may plunge to the lowest level in 19 years as dry weather may prompt the world’s largest shipper to further restrict plantings to preserve water supply.

Output of rough rice may decline to as low as 23 million metric tons in 2015-16, the least since 1996-97, assuming there is no planting during the dry season starting in November, as per Thailand’s Office of Agricultural Economics

Standard Paddy Rice crop is 32-33 million tons a year .

Apparently farmers won’t be allowed to plant crop from Nov. 1 to April 30 as lower-than-average rainfall causes insufficient water supply, Farm Minister told reporters on Sept. 11… But Cabinet is yet to make an official announcement on prohibiting plantings.

Growers need to reduce plantings or switch to other crops that consume less water as rainfall this year is about 25 percent below a historical average, resulting in declining water reserves,