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Eastside Rice commenced operations in September 2012, purchasing and storing rough rice at our location in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Since 2012, Eastside Rice has grown its facility and expanded business in pursuance of a competitive advantage in the rice industry. Current warehousing capacity is 4,400,000 bushels of rough rice, 150,000 bushels of mill ready rice, 128,000 bushels of food grade milled rice, and 31,700 sq ft of finished product storage. Various purchasing and logistical support options are in place for purchased rough rice, as well as forward-pricing and storing services to the producers. For customers of finished products, Eastside Rice offers worldwide competitive pricing for everything rice related from hulls and byproducts to retail ready bagged rice. Support of local industry is high priority as well as high-quality rice shipments overseas. Bulk products available include rice hulls, ground rice hulls, white and brown rice bran, and white and brown brewers’ rice. Packaged consumer ready products include white and brown rice in options from 20lb to 2,000lb bags. Our fully automated, robot-controlled bagging line allows for the highest efficiency, safety, and quality in our finished products. 


Eastside Rice is the northern-most regular warehouse for rice and is ideally located for farmers in northeast Arkansas and southeast Missouri. Our state-of-the-art facility is situated in the Jonesboro Industrial Park just off Interstate 555, allowing for easy in-and-out access throughout the delivery process.

We at Eastside Rice strive to deliver value-added solutions to our customers’ merchandising needs through fair and principled business practices. The Farmers’ success is a priority. We want to be their bridge to the rough rice futures financial market in Chicago and utilize our extensive knowledge of the rice industry to help them with any challenges that arise along the way. We provide our services at a competitive cost and have shipping terms that are easy for our farmers to manage. We work hard to build and maintain a strong relationship with our farmers to ensure they receive a fair value for their harvested product.

Customer satisfaction is also a main priority. Our shipping department implements the latest quality control measures to ensure the best possible product from our facility is delivered on time and in the highest quality condition. Continual upgrading and reviewing of plant processes allows for the best finished product possible. Value for the money is up front and important as we are continually cutting costs where possible without reducing quality of our products. 

Our vision is to continue to grow and become the premiere commodity provider for the rice industry, from the farmer to end users worldwide.

Plant Management

With 20+ employees and over 70 years combined rice industry experience, Eastside Rice operates in a small business framework under worldwide corporate standards. Our main goal is to efficiently process and produce high quality products, at the least amount of costs, in the safest way possible for our employees. Every step of processing rough rice into food quality packaged rice happens in one location. This allows for efficient direct communication among all levels of the company.