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Eastside Rice is focused on producing the highest quality food-grade rice possible. It is our main concern that consumers worldwide are completely satisfied with our end-product. From quality ingredients for the animal food industry to retail and restaurant-ready bagged rice, we closely monitor every step of the milling process and bagging line. We have in place the highest strength equipment to eliminate damaged rice.

With two in-ground receiving bays, our facility receives over 100,000 bushels of rough rice per day. From there, our mill is capable of producing 1,400,000 lbs of food-grade rice per day. Our fully automated bagging line produces and ships 450,000lbs of packaged consumer-ready rice per day via railcar and box trailer options.

Continuous research keeps our facility up to date on new and efficient processes for the milling process and bagging line. We also seek third-party consulting in areas such as safety, quality, and cost-effectiveness on a yearly basis. Our bagging line is constantly upgraded to handle customer-owned bags as well as our own company-specific bags. The scale house, the first and last step of each grain of rice, has direct communication with the entire staff of the warehouse, mill, and business office allowing for high efficiency for logistics of inbound and outbound product.

We also work with worldwide advocates to reduce hunger where possible. From local community organizations to corporate non-profit organizations, we always look forward to giving back to various communities.

We Produce Numerous Specifications Of:

  • Long Grain White Rice
  • Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Medium Grain White Rice
  • Medium Grain Brown Rice
  • Flour Quality Brokens
  • Feed/Pet Food-Grade Brokens
  • Full Fat Rice Bran
  • Ground/Unground Rice Hulls.